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7 Things a Bride Should Know

What is the #1 regret of brides?
Not having their video shot and produced by a professional & experienced company. Mike Plante has done over 300 weddings and have seen just about every possibility of things which can happen at a wedding. This experience allows us to anticipate events and prevent problems which inexperienced cinematographers may not.

Other videography companies I’ve seen seem to get in the way. How do you operate at a wedding?
Our nature and style is to be as unobtrusive as possible. We want to document your event, not become a part of it. We use soft on-camera lighting which works very well in low lighting conditions.

Can we choose the background music for our video?
Absolutely! We’ll have you fill out our “editing information sheet” that lists the places in the video where we’ll need music. We want you to have music that has special meaning to you… not necessarily us!

Do you use DSLR’s in your wedding videos?
Yes… typically we use a hybrid of styles with the use of DSLR’s and other professional HD cameras. Often we’ll use DSLR’s for preparation highlights and for accent shots during the event. This gives us that shallow depth of field look for transition shots. While our professional video camera’s capture all the action including crystal clear audio.

How long will the completed video run?
Each wedding is different, and this makes it impossible to provide an exact length of the final film. You can actually request your video to be a certain length if you prefer. Some of our videos (by request) have run as long as 2 hours 45 minutes. Some have elected a 30-minute movie. And others get both!

How long should it take before I receive my video?
We have heard stories in which newlyweds did not receive their videos for six months, a year or even longer. This is totally ludicrous and unacceptable. We guarantee that you will receive your wedding video within two months of receiving all of the necessary elements from you (typically 3-4 weeks). We’ve been in business for over ten years and Mike Plante’s companies have a reputation of being ethical and client friendly.. We stand by our word and our product.

Do you travel outside of South Florida?
Sure! Naturally, we mainly serve South Florida but gladly travel for events across the U.S. and internationally.